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Infinite Printing can help you with imprinted products that will attract people to the trade show in the first place, to your booth while there, and more importantly, to your company after it’s all said and done. When sending your “team” keep in mind, it would be best if they did so in matching, imprinted shirts. Pick a bright color, so they stand out among the crowd of exhibitors.

Not only should your “team” stand out from the crowd make sure your booth attracts the right type of attention, with high quality re-usable graphics. We offer several options, and also can design a changeable type of booth.

We can help get your hands on a list of attendees and send lanyards, wristbands, badge pouches and bags to your best 500 prospects from that list for the event ahead.

Education Sessions
Along with the pre-show goodies, we can help you provide some of the items people will need for the education sessions. Bottled water allows them to keep hydrated on the go, while a folder, pen, or high-lighters are items they are sure to use. USB drives show prospects your client’s company is far from ordinary.

In-Booth Traffic Builder
During the show, grab attendees’ attention. Mints, and lip balm will attract their eye. Then, after you have introduced yourself and the company, offer items such as a letter splitter, stationary pail, or key-chain as an additional gift for stopping by.

After-Show Follow-up
In addition, after the show, a simple paperweight is functional and appreciated and will really reflect positively on your company. We also recommend a mailer for each stage, a pre show, post show, and follow up piece. This will show your client the diligence needed to earn their business.

Our Trade Show Services

Part I: Strategy, Public Relations , and Marketing

  • Strategy: We help you develop goals and identify the people and companies you want to meet so we can build an effective pre-show outreach strategy. 
  • Messaging: We create strong, clear messages targeted to your audiences.
  • Press relations: We put together a robust media and VIP outreach program to raise awareness and generate interest in your company.  Post-show, we help you follow up with key attendees and news media so your participation has staying power.
  • Marketing: We put together and distribute press releases; create fact sheets, FAQs, banners, postcards, brochures, and other marketing materials, and harness the power of social media to publicize your product or service.
  • Follow-up:  We follow up on leads immediately to prevent them from going cold. 

Part II: Tools and Materials

  • Marketing materials, brochures, business cards, and promotional items for the show
  • Pre -show mailing and marketing material distribution external to show (such as in hotel rooms)
  • Overall booth design and layout
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Booth panels, desktop displays, and banners

Advertising: If your budget allows for event sponsorship, we will coordinate advertising outreach at the show (for example, ads in programs, banners, and bus signs)

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